3D Printer Review: Top Models for 3D Printing Beginners

Note: This post solely reflects my personal opinions and experiences!

There are many 3D printer manufacturers and models when it comes to FDM / FFF 3D printing. That's why you will find my top three of 3D printers for domestic usage in this article. It will provide you an overview of affordable yet high quality printing models and hopefully gives you an easy start into the world of 3D printing.



1) Creality CR-10 Series

The CR-10 series from Creality offers low cost models with high printing quality. The first version of the CR-10 is available for less than $ 600. The printing quality is outstanding at a relatively low setup effort. In the 3D printing community the CR-10 is highly praised. Another advantage is the relatively large printing volume compared to other FDM printers. With 300 x 300 x 400 mm it offers space for larger printing jobs. Meanwhile there are several options available. The CR-10, which scores with double-motorized z-axes and the CR-10S Pro, which impresses with its automatic printing bed leveling function. Furthermore, there are CR-10 models with even more printing volume, such as the CR-10 S5, that offers 500 x 500 x 500 mm.

+ low price

+ very high printing quality

+ heated printing bed

+ automatic printing bed leveling function (CR-10s Pro only)

+ large printing volume

+ simple and quick to assemble

2) Ultimaker Series

The 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker offers its Ultimaker Original+ for less than $ 1200, as well as somewhat more expensive models such as the Ultimaker 2+, 3 and S5 (about $2100 - $6500). You can achieve very high printing quality by using one of the Ultimaker models. And this is probably one of the main factors that makes 3D printing so much fun; holding high quality parts in your hands! The Ultimaker+ is for anyone who is looking for a kit and wants to assemble his/her own 3D printer. Most of the other Ultimaker models, on the other hand, come assembled. Ultimaker is also the creator of the slicing software Cura, which can be downloaded for free from the manufacturer's website.

+ low price when choosing Original+ (kit)

+ Versions with larger printing volume available

+ incl. LAN, WLAN and USB ports (Ultimaker 3 and S5)

+ heated printing bed

+ Dual extrusion possible (you can use water-soluble support material) (Ultimaker S5)

3) Makerbot Replicator Series

Makerbot offers the award-winning Replicator+ for fast and reliable 3D printing. For a Replicator+ you have to pay approx. $ 2800. You will get a solid and stylish, fully assembled, 3D-printer. For all those who do not need a large installation space, the Replicator Mini+ is an option (approx. $ 1700).

+ reasonable price for Replicator Mini+

+ built-in camera for print monitoring

+ LAN, WLAN and USB ports

+ flexible build plate incl. gripping surface for good adhesion

+ High ease of use (selection wheel and LCD display)

+ for a rapid start


My recommendation for anyone who wants to get high quality printing results and is looking for an affordable 3D printer is the CR-10 series. Especially the latest model, the CR-10s Pro, has many great features and offers an easy and enjoyable start into the world of 3D printing at a comparatively cheap price.

Author: John| 3DTech

P.S.: For an easy introduction to 3D printing you can take a look at our 3D Printing Workshop (video download). All basics and everything you need to know about 3D printing will be explained in detail.