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as an engineer (M.Eng.) and 3D printing enthusiast, I would like to provide you all the information you need to materialise objects with a 3D Printer.

If you want to learn 3D printing, you are in good hands here!

3DTech has made it its business to provide professional information about 3D printing for all technically interested people of all ages. 

A video tutorial will guide you step by step through all relevant aspects of 3D printing. Be it mastering the actual printing part with a 3D printer or preparing the necessary files for printing, both will be explained in the workshop. More than enough objects (100.000+) are available for free at external content platforms. And most of them are awesome and useful things to print for your household, kids, loved ones, yourself, ...!

3D printers are also often available in a Makerspace nearby (just in the case if you do not want to buy one). With the help of this website and the materials provided, you can find out in advance about all the procedures and the use of a 3D printer and thus start immediately on site and impress with your knowledge! If you prefer to acquire skills by reading, books are also available instead of a video tutorial. 

Also be sure to check out the 3DTech Blog and discover great articles about 3D printing! 

Save yourself the time-consuming gathering of information from a lot of different sources and rather start immediately - step by step - into the world of 3D printing with us!

Have fun and enjoy 3D Printing with us,

John | 3DTech